Showing up in politics with the right perception and positioning, branding in politics and making the brand sustainable is a process that is possible with communication strategies. “Differentiation”, “the ability to persist with the right ideas and the right strategies” takes the political processes to the desired points. As NeSS İletişim, we execute the “tailored-to-you” Strategic Political Communication Management “together with you”, within the framework of your personal and corporate goals and needs.

We draw communicational roadmaps “special for you” and together with you to achieve your political goals, find right place for you on political scene and determine your future positions by dint of our strategies “peculiar to you” and according to your values.

In the communicational process, directing by NeSS İletişim, there are:

  • Political Couching
  • Analysis Of The Election Fields
  • Evaluation Report Of The Present Position
  • Roadmap Of Political Communications Strategies
  • Individual Reputation Management
  • Support To Individual Development (Impressive Speech, Body Language, Media Education)
  • Organization Of Election Center
  • Perception Researches Management
  • Preparation And Correction Of Performance Texts
  • Events Management
  • Agenda Management
  • Mass Media Communications Management
  • Creative Design And Its Implement Management (Advertising, Print Materials)
  • Web Communications
  • Production Management (Presentations)

We work with you to create and manage your “specific” communication roadmaps so that you can achieve your corporate goals with “tailor-to-you” strategies that are compatible with you and your values, and make future enhancements and positioning.

The communication process managed by NeSS İletişim includes:

  • Training programs for employees and managers,
  • Constituency Analysis,
  • Current Situation Evaluation Report,
  • Political Communication Strategy Roadmap,
  • Corporate Reputation Management, Leader Communication Management,
  • Internal Communication Management,
  • Crisis Communication Management,
  • Perception Research Management (Public Opinion, Local Administration),
  • Event Management (including Festival, Festival, Concert Organizations),
  • Agenda Management,
  • Media Relations Management,
  • Creative Design and Management of Applications (advertisement, printed materials), web communication,
  • Production applications (promotional film, promotional content).