In the global world, there is a new paradigm based on “Values”. Human and social values are the new rule of the game. Those who care about these values have a “prestigious” position, a raw material that can secure their competitive power and existence, while those who ignore them can be “eliminated from the game” with a red card.

“The dominant factor for business in the next two decades—absent of war, pestilence, or collision with a comet—is not going to be economics or technology. It will be demographics. The key factor for business will not be the overpopulation of the world, which we have been warned of these last 40 years,” says Drucker, one of the best-known and most influential thinkers in the field of management.

The social responsibility projects are important for reputation, competitive advantage, recognition, awareness and effectiveness in crisis and risk management. NeSS İletişim produce, plan, implement public social responsibility projects that will both set the agenda and fit the business objectives of our business partners.