Corporation’s Social Responsibility Management

In the modern global world new paradigm is rising. It is built on the “Values”. New rule of the game now is based on the human and public factors. Those who doesn’t see the importance of “reputation” mostly “lose” the game, even having all the data which are necessary for the healthy competition.

“During lost 40-50 years economical factors were dominant, but during the next 20-30 years social factors will be dominant”, said famous management guru Drucker.

Achievement of such goals as good reputation, advantages in the conditions of competition, fame, difference from others, effectiveness in the crisis situations, correct and positive reflection of the notion “How can I give back to society what I’ve gain in virtue of society?” – for all these facts NeSS İletişim forms agenda, creates, plans, fulfills and tenders to public opinion’s discussion the projects of social responsibility, coincident with the aims of our partners…