State Communications Management

Modern world makes us comprehend that setting right relations between state and private sector gets more importance than before. For creating appropriate modern dynamics of the sector private sector has to support correct and productive competition and at the same time to lead necessary for creating of state sector relations communicational strategies.

Knowing languages of the both sides we provide dynamical, mutually beneficia, successful communicational process.

We implement Strategies Consultancy for achievement by our partners well-timed and comfortable formation of relations with the state sector. During this process we provide:

  • formation of the strategic roadmap
  • monitoring of the sectoral developments,  informing, analysis
  • communications management
  • crisis management
  • agenda management
  • development of the partnership of the state sector with the projects of corporational-social responsibility

our energy of the field of Strategies Communications Consultancy, our fund of knowledge, speaking Ankara’s language, our experience of the work system of both state and private sectors constitute our main power and let us take right decisions.