Mass Media Relations Management

Mass Media Relations Management provides effective and well-timed transmission of messages, formed within strategic communicational plan, to target audience and social partners.

Mass media are important tool of formation of agenda and public opinion. Effective and successful relations with mass media create correct both individual and corporative perception, which can leave positive mark in human minds. For formation needful perception in mass media is necessary to take right place in important and paramount for media topics, organizations and personalities.

Profound and realistic relations with mass media will help you in decision of problems you met during the communicational process and will create harmonic position in front the possibilities.

We provide this service going by realities of media dynamic and this service is one of our strongest sides. Definition of media strategies, formation of media plans, their fulfillment, effective and positive management of the relations between mass media and corporation are including plans of special interactive decisions during the period of possible crisis.

We implement media plans according the agenda of the country, media and corporation. We form messages according to mass media needs and news value. For another spheres (economy, paparazzi, Internet, television) we develop and implement another strategies. We don’t prefer use those news which are not valuable for media. And we believe that such approach makes relations between NeSS İletişim and the mass media representatives strong, continual and respectable.

We know media language, the kitchen of media, needs and wishes of media. That’s why we are able to gather in the same point both media and aims and hopes of our partners. Building strong communicational bridge we make a major contribution, create difference from others and become authors of special, healthy, realistic and continual successes of our strategies.