Media Relations Management ensures that the messages created as part of the targeted strategic communication plan are delivered to the target audience and social stakeholders at the right time and in an effective manner.

The media is an effective tool for setting the agenda and an important instrument for shaping public opinion. With effective and successful media relations, you leave a mark in the minds of people and institutions and create awareness! Creating targeted awareness in the media, the issues to which the media attaches importance and priority, the fact that you can be among people and institutions make you important and a priority in the mental map of society.

With healthy and realistic media relations, you can adapt to, prioritise or limit the problems, issues or opportunities that come your way, develop counter-strategies and add value.

We provide this service in the reality of media dynamics; as a NeSS İletişim, it is one of our strongest areas. It includes the definition of a media strategy, the creation and implementation of a media plan, a healthy, effective and positive management of relations between the media and the institution, and interactive solution plans specifically for times of crisis.

We implement media plans by updating them according to the agenda of the country, the media and the institution. We create messages that meet media needs and newsworthiness, and we develop and implement different strategies for different media (business, magazines, internet, television). We do not prefer to pass on to the media those who do not see value in our news filter. We believe that this makes the relationship between the members of the media and NeSS İletişim strong, sustainable and respectable and brings them to a common denominator.

We know the demands and expectations of the media. In this context, we bring the media together with our business partners’ expectations and goals on a healthier and stronger platform. By creating a strong communication bridge, we develop strategies that add positive value, create awareness and include special, healthy, realistic and sustainable successes.