NeSS İletişim got off to an "energetic" and "strategic" start in the world of communications in 2011. NeSS İletişim’s chairwoman, who represents the philosophy of "Sectoral Strategic Communication Consultancy", is led by Nesrin Sevimli, who has experience and knowledge in the public and private sectors in the field of public relations. NeSS İletişim performs perception management in accordance with its objectives, creating a positive and conscious awareness, with a work system based on a business approach of 360-degree communication, located in the triangle of knowledge, experience and creativity. It considers the clients with whom it does business as "Business Partners". "Nothing is intrinsically valuable; the value of everything is attributed to it, assigned to it from outside the thing itself, by people." Aware that the most important challenge of the global world is "Perception Management", it produces, plans, implements, measures and evaluates projects using the strategies "Special to Business Partners" and "Exclusive to Business Partners". It provides its "Business Partners" realistic, rational, sound and sustainable "Strategic Communication Models" based on sectoral knowledge, research and analysis, developments and policies. NeSS İletişim, which devotes all its energy to helping its business partners achieve their business and social goals, strives for sustainable success that makes a difference at the national and international level by combining universal communication values and rules with local values and rules. The greatest strength of NeSS İletişim, which offers rational and realistic solutions that add value to its business partners within the framework of professional principles and ethics of public relations. It has a young, dynamic, exciting and creative team that conveys its experience and knowledge acquired in the various disciplines of this field with an "amateur spirit", "professional approach", "works with passion", "wants to learn constantly".