Executive Communications Management

Managers who got leader features and own successful perception always are the main reference of the right approach to corporative approach on the level of partners and shareholders.

NeSS İletişim creates communicational model, which is implemented by dint of management of perception and reputation strategies, accordingly to private or corporative aims, private or corporative features and values.

According this model we prepare and implement executive communications management, management of strategic mass media relations, agenda management, crisis management of communicational module inside the corporation.

Leader’s reputation management

  • Increasing of speech features’ effectiveness, impressive speech, impressive public performance, impressive body language
  • Support to preparation and writing of instructional notes for different meetings and organizations
  • Writing of texts, messages (meetings, press conferences, television and news-paper reportages and interviews, preparations of presentations, support to writing of informational lists and messages for media meetings)
  • Visual management, support to photo sessions and TV-shots, advices of dress-code and used color gammas)
  • Practical support to increasing inside relations of corporation’s stuff

Leader relations with mass media management

  • Media couching
  • Media education