Managers and executives who are leaders and have a successful perception are the most important reference point to lead the company perception to the desired results before all social stakeholders.

As NeSS İletişim, we create a communication model in which perception and reputation management is carried out strategically, for personal or corporate objectives, taking into account personal or corporate characteristics and values.

In this model we create and implement reputation management for leader, targeted strategic media relations, agenda management, crisis communication and internal communication modules.

Reputation Management for Leader

  • Increasing the integrity of effective communication; effective speaking, effective podium oratory, effective body language.
  • Preparing support and informative notes in various meetings and organizations.
  • Creation of speech texts and messages (Meeting, press conference, TV and newspaper interviews, formation of information notes and messages in media interviews, presentation preparation)
  • Visual management; photography, support in front of the camera, support in the use of clothing, color.
  • Application support that strengthens internal communication for corporate employees.
  • Media relations management.
  • Media coaching.
  • Media education.