How Do We Work?

What is Our Difference?

We began with the target “Be the Best” in the sphere of Sectorial Communication Consultancy. We see our customers as “Our Business Partners” and during the process of achieving their business and social aims go by Saint Mevlana’s words: “You can know everything, but all you say is measured by comprehension of whom you do talk to”.

“STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION MODEL” determines our politics of management of perception and looks to What, Why, Where, When and To Whom will we say. By dint of this model we solve any strategic problems of the communications field.

Working in NeSS İletişim company we believe that we could create alone, creative, success aligning, using strategic techniques of the public relations, working according the “roadmap” of communications plans team. Our team thinks that the main element of the success in work with partners is “Attention”, “Effort”, “Labour”, belief and positive view.

We attach importance to business values, experience, observations, investments and fund of knowledge of our pertners. We know that notions “We”, “Team Spirit”, “Trust Feeling” and “Common Mind”, created “Common Target”, are big power and bring successful results.

This work is the art of strategic management… We believe that to keep objectivity and at the same time to work together with the partner signify importance.

We are here for our common today and tomorrow, for continual successes, for events, which tender asset and difference. We are here to create, plan, implement, manage, scale and evaluate. Our point of view is strategic, our decisions are profound, new, real, “SPECIAL FOR YOU” and “PECULIAR TO YOU”. Our roadmap of communications has been created according to the notion “WE”.

We’re happy and excited because we do work we love…

That’s why we feel ourselves so lucky!

Don’t forget that “perception is reality”!

Your reality is how you’re perceive!

NeSS İletişim will become your partner of strategic decisions, will not let your reputation be depend on chance, will place you where you wish and deserve to be, will help you “either look as you are or to be as you look”.