We set out with the goal of “Being the Best” at Sectoral Communication Consultancy while ensuring that our clients, whom we refer to as our “Business Partners”, achieve their business and social goals. We have adopted Hz. Mevlana quote “No matter how much you know, what you say is as much as others can understand” as our principle.

“5W-1H STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION MODEL” which defines what, why, how, where, when, to whom we communicate and how we manage perceptions. We stand for result-oriented strategic communication solutions that are understandable, realistic and an exquisite combination of emotion and reason, in harmony with the characteristics and values of the target groups and stakeholders.

As NeSS İletişim team, we execute communication plans that include a “roadmap” using strategic public relations techniques with a unique and creative “targeted” approach. We believe that “attention”, “care”, “work”, belief, positive perspective and team spirit created together with our business partners are the infrastructure of success.

We place great value on the values, experience and knowledge, observations and contributions of our business partners.
We know that the “Common Goals” created with “Team Mentality”, “team spirit”, “sense of trust” and “Common Mind” is a great force. We know that this synergy leads to successful business results.

We believe it is critical to be both objective as an outsider and to work with our business partner from an insider’s perspective.

For your present and future, for sustainable success, for practices that add value and make a difference; We are here to create, plan, implement, manage, measure and evaluate your communication plans with a strategic view, rational, innovative, realistic “SPECIAL FOR YOU”, “Exclusive TO YOU” solutions and communication plans with the mentality of “WE”…
We consider this business as a strategic management art. We believe that it is very important to be both objective as an outsider and able to integrate with our business partner as an insider.

We carry within us the happiness and excitement of being able to do what we love…
That’s why we are so happy!
Remember, “perception is reality”!
How you are perceived creates your reality!

NeSS İletişim becomes your strategic solution partner to bring these realities into the positive position you desire and deserve to “look the way you are” or “be the way you seem” so you do not leave your reputation to chance.
After all, perception is an element that can be shaped, managed and changed. As long as a healthy and planned communication process is developed…

If you have not decided how you should look, the public will see you as they want!
Or how others have shown it!