Crisis Communications Management

Sometimes creating of good corporation’s reputation needs serious efforts and long years. Creating of the reputation and positive perception, which would be actual during long time is much more difficult.

Poor management of the foreseen or previously unforeseen crisis situations are able totally destroy  any work, even the most scrupulous one. Perceptions related to crisis “suffered” corporations depend on the relations created by these corporations. In the conditions of continual competition right management of crisis situations would help to prevent their negative repercussions or even to turn them into opportunities.

NeSS İletişim prepare alternative scenarios and action plans accordingly management of crisis communications in the field of our partners’ business. Together with our team and our partners w create Team of Crisis Management and guarantee well-timed functioning of action plans, quick and controlled management, correct and smooth informational effluent. Before, during and after the whole our actions we continue collaboration with our partners on the ground of fulfillment of the plan of “trade on the crisis”.