Building a corporate reputation takes a lot of effort and sometimes many years. Making the reputation created and the positive perception sustainable is a separate task and a field of work.

Failure to manage crises, foreseen or unforeseen, can undo years of careful work. The perception of institutions that are “victims” of crisis is shaped by the communication that is or is not made. In a competitive environment, it is necessary to manage crisis communication well in order to come out of crises with “fewer wounds and less damage” and even turn crises into opportunities.

As NeSS İletişim, thanks to Crisis Communication Management, we prepare alternative scenarios and action plans for our business partners’ potential crisis areas.

The Crisis Management Team, which we have formed with our business partner, ensures that in the event of a crisis, action plans are deployed, with rapid and controlled management and an accurate and uninterrupted flow of information to social stakeholders through the most effective channels. We carry out all pre-crisis, crisis and post-crisis practices, as well as efforts to ‘turn the crisis into an opportunity’, with great care and in close cooperation with our business partners, in accordance with the nature of the business.